Regarding the production of a new collection, we start by having a meeting with the client so we can understand the amount and style of the pieces they are looking for – as mentioned previously our MOQ is 10 pcs, and we work with a variety of styles mentioned above in the website.

After this, we will start the production of the prototypes provided, which we don’t charge, but are sent on the custom carrier account.

Our turnover for 1000 pairs of trousers is 3 weeks for samples, guaranteeing that deadlines are rigorously met.

The samples are charged CMTX2.

We do have a Gerber C.A.D., however, we prefer that the grading is made by the customer’s team. Therefore, we usually receive the patterns by email.

Our quality controller team collects information from the production units on a daily basis and the price is set depending on the complexity of the style and the time it takes to produce each piece.

Our payment terms are 30 days NETT with bank transfer.

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